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Food exports to grow by billions of DKK

Common platform and united marketing voice abroad for the Danish food cluster. Ambition to create thousands of new jobs and increased exports from the food cluster of more than DKK 30 bn.

Published 14. December 2016

A showcase has been launched that places Denmark clearly on the global map as a leading exporter of food products and lends the Danish food cluster a united marketing voice abroad. 

The objective is to help boost exports of food products, ingredients, machinery and technology from the Danish food cluster. If Danish solutions can solve some of the challenges facing the world today, this could mean increased exports of Danish food products of more than DKK 30 bn. as well as thousands of new jobs in Denmark. 

This estimate comes from the companies and organisations behind the Danish-food-cluster narrative which was presented today along with a new Food Partnership. The Food Partnership is being launched as a follow up to the political agreements behind the government's Growth plan for food and Food and Agriculture Package. 

The Food Partnership is for the entire Danish food cluster and is being launched with funding from a number of large companies in the food area, as well as from the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. The concept has been copied from State of Green; a platform for showcasing and branding Danish green-tech solutions. The entire Danish food cluster will now have a similar strong, common platform which will strengthen collaboration and take Danish food product exports to an entirely new level. 

Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen (Denmark's Liberal Party), is certain that sales of Danish food products, food ingredients, machinery and equipment can be boosted. 

"In a world market, the companies that will be winning orders and customers' trust, are the companies that know how to produce food products using limited water and energy resources, and with high-quality output and sound food safety. Danish farmers and food producers are globally acclaimed for their quality products with a high degree of food safety, and we must collaborate to continuously prepare ourselves for ever fiercer competition. Therefore, we are consolidating all efforts to market the Danish food cluster to a global market that’s crying out for healthy and high-quality food products, produced sustainably and with fewer resources. We can deliver this! And, hopefully, this initiative will increase exports by billions of DKK and create many new workplaces in Denmark," said Mr Lunde Larsen.

Minister for Economic and Business Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen (Conservative People's Party of Denmark) said:

"Danish food enterprises are strongly positioned both at home and abroad. However, there’s an enormous potential to further increase exports of Danish food products. This requires that we’re better at promoting the Danish food cluster and raising awareness about what makes Danish food production unique and what puts it in a class of its own. The new Food Partnership and the new common Danish food narrative are important initiatives in this context."

Backed by business

The Danish State is contributing DKK 20 million over four years. Arla Foods, Danish Crown, Carlsberg, Novozymes, Chr. Hansen, FOSS, Royal Greenland, DLF Trifolium and Danish Agro are also contributing to the project. Arla Foods, Danish Crown and Carlsberg, as well as the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, the Ministry of Environment and Food, the Ministry of Business and Growth and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark comprise the board. 

Initially, the board has been set up, and a secretariat will be set up to ensure long-term marketing of Denmark as a food producer, strengthening the united efforts and cohesiveness of the Danish food industry, as well as attracting the best talents to the Danish food cluster.  

Torben Ladegaard, former CEO of the FOSS Group, has been appointed chairman of the board for the Food Partnership.

"The Danish food cluster builds on a strong sense of community and proud traditions for cooperation and innovation.  I’m very proud to have been asked to help spread awareness about our strengths - in export markets and among ourselves. I’m convinced that cooperation is the key to success for the Food Partnership. Our challenge is to coordinate efforts so that everyone in the food cluster is pulling in the same direction," said Mr Ladegaard.

We have to spotlight the strongholds Denmark is to be known for in the future. To follow up the Growth plan for food, a common narrative about Danish food production has already been developed by a number of representatives of the Danish food cluster. This work was headed by the CEO of Arla Foods, Peder Tuborgh.

"Denmark has one of the world's leading food sectors, which accounts for large export volumes and generates value for Danish society. It is therefore essential that, as a country, we focus on finding answers to the considerable future food challenges by creating natural, healthy and sustainable food products for an ever-growing world population. Huge efforts have been invested in bringing to life this narrative about the Danish food sector and now our efforts are being rewarded with this initiative, which I'm sure will strengthen the collaborative efforts between the State, the food sector and other stakeholders," said Mr Tuborgh.

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