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Esben Lunde Larsen launches subsidies scheme to combat food waste

A new subsidies scheme, launched by Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, will support projects aiming at making a difference in combatting food waste throughout the chain from food production to consumers’ homes.

Published 30. June 2016

The average Dane wastes more than a kilogram of food every week, and an average household throws away food worth DKK 3,200 every year. This impacts both the environment and the economy. Therefore the Minister is opening a new subsidies pool that will distribute more than DKK 5 million to projects that can cut drastically food waste in Denmark.

- Each year, consumers and retailers alone waste enough food to fill 9,730 supermarket trolleys every day! And there’s more, because food waste arises in all parts of the chain from production, to businesses, to wholesalers, to supermarkets to homes. Throwing away such valuable food is a waste of money and it is an environmental problem. Therefore, we’ll be supporting projects that can minimise food waste, said Esben Lunde Larsen

Make a drastic difference
The Ministry of Environment and Food has previously supported the development of teaching materials about food waste, conducted campaigns about date labeling for consumers, and supported collaboration between food producers and industrial kitchens so that vegetables that would otherwise be rejected because they have the wrong shape or size are used in cooking.

- I hope that this will make a notable difference to food waste. We’ll be supporting projects that can show that they really do make a difference and projects that can be expanded to a larger scale, for example, said Esben Lunde Larsen.

The new subsidies pool opens at the end of June.

Further information:

Steen Jensen, Press Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Food: tel.: +45 9359 7071, e-mail:
About the pool: Lone Lykke Nielsen, AC Technician: tel.: +45 72 54 41 82, email: