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New animal-welfare label will win the hearts of Danes

Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen will unveil the new government animal-welfare label today.

Better Animal Welfare label - illustrates up to three green hearts

Animal welfare in Danish pig sheds will improve when consumers can buy their cutlets, joints and ham with the new Ministry of Environment and Food animal-welfare label from next spring. The new logo ’Bedre Dyrevelfærd´ (Better Animal Welfare) contains three hearts which are coloured in to indicate improvements in animal welfare for the pig.

“I hope that Danes will welcome the new animal-welfare label. The label will give consumers more choice and enable them to support animal welfare where it suits their preference and their purse. No matter whether consumers choose pork with one, two or three hearts, they will be able to see how much more animal welfare they can buy for their money,” said Esben Lunde Larsen.  

More hearts, more animal welfare

The government animal-welfare label will initially be for pork, but it will later be expanded to cover meat from other animals.

“We know that a lot of Danes are willing to pay a little extra to support animal welfare, and the label will enable them to have a direct influence on the type of meat they can choose from in supermarket fridges and freezers. The animal-welfare label will make it more attractive for farmers to invest in animal-welfare improvements on farms, and retailers will be able to accommodate consumer demands for better welfare. This will mean that animal welfare will become a new competitive parameter throughout the sector,” said Esben Lunde Larsen.

At first, pork with the new animal-welfare label will be for sale in Bilka, Føtex, Netto, Meny, Rema 1000, Kiwi, Spar, Lidl, and Aldi supermarkets and at butchers.

Read more at www.bedre-dyrevelfæ

Media wanting to show the animal-welfare label can download it here (attached).

Further information:

Jeanette Løv Rasmussen, Press Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Food: tel.: +45 9359 7070, e-mail:

Danish Veterinary and Food Administration press relations (+45) 22 84 4834

Facts about the government animal-welfare label

The animal-welfare label imposes strict requirements on pig farmers In order for pork to be labelled with the animal-welfare label, the conditions for pigs on farms must live up to a number of basic requirements. These requirements are considerably stricter than the current statutory requirements in Denmark and in the EU, and thereby stricter than the requirements in standard or conventional production.

The label is a voluntary scheme with three levels ranging from one to three hearts. The more hearts the better the welfare. One heart indicates that the basic requirements of the label have been met. Two and three hearts indicate that supplementary requirements for more space and outdoor area have been met.

1 heart gives better animal welfare

  • Free-range sows
  • Curly tail/undocked tail
  • More straw
  • More space
  • Max. 8 hours’ transport

2 hearts give better animal welfare

  • Free-range sows
  • Curly tail/undocked tail
  • Even more straw
  • Even more Space
  • Max. 8 hours’ transport

3 hearts give better animal welfare

  • Free-range sows
  • Curly tail/undocked tail
  • Much more straw
  • Much more Space
  • Max. 8 hours’ transport
  • Outdoor Space
  • Access to open fields