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Denmark establish new international forum on sustainable food solutions

The Danish Minister for Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen expands the annual World Food Summit – Better Food for More People with a new forum in the Bella Center, where all interested can join the discussion on ensuring better food for more people.

Every year 420.000 individuals die from food poisoning and it is estimated that one-third of the world’s food production is lost or wasted – a production that requires a land area the size of China. The Danish Minister for Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen seeks to address these challenges, and will therefore for the third year in a row invite participants from all over the globe to participate in the World Food Summit – Better Food for More People 30- 31 August 2018 in Copenhagen.

This year the Summit will be held both at the National Parliament and the Bella Center Copenhagen – and any person who wish to participate can sign up for the part of the Summit in Bella Center Copenhagen.

The new venue at Bella Center Copenhagen makes room for even more people across nationalities and fields of expertise to find solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and especially the global challenges concerning information about food and nutrition, reduction of food waste, food safety as well as food diversity.

At the Summit is focusing especially on gastronomy as a tool to provide critical leverage to enable us to better understand out food – where it comes from and how it is made, all the way from farm to fork.

- The UN Sustainability Development Goals have brought the world together on a joint agenda. The goals can thus be used as a lever for the development of new innovative solutions. In order to solve global challenges, we need everyone to shoulder responsibility to create solutions, says Esben Lunde Larsen.

- The World Food Summit – Better Food for More People is a platform where we can address these issues with participants from all across the world. We need to get more people involved in finding solutions and therefore I will for the third year in a row host the Summit in Copenhagen.

In connection with the multi-stakeholder platform in Bella Center, an innovative food exhibition, Bite Copenhagen, is held. The exhibition brings together about 120 innovative companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world to present the food solutions of the future concerning the latest trends within food, technology and innovation.

Already now there are many sign-ups to the summit. Some of the already confirmed participants are George Eustice, Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in United Kingdom, Tim Lang, Professor at Centre for Food Policy at City University of London, Julia Glidden, General Manager, Global Government Industry, IBM Corporation, Christian Puglisi, chef and owner of Restaurant Relæ, Tim Smith, Special Advisor, Tesco  and Marcus Gover, CEO, WRAP.

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